Community Health Aide/Practitioner-Certification Board Application Documents

Application for initial, renewal and change in level (upgrade or downgrade) in certification. When applying for renewal of certification or if the last training component was two years prior, attached CHAPCB CHAP Continuing Education Log.

Attach the CHA/P continuing education log for renewal of certification or if your last training completed was two years prior.

Attach CHA/P Biennial Skills Checklist if two years or more have passed since completion of the last basic training session, preceptorship, or Re-entry Evaluation.

FAQ for Biennial Skills Evaluation

The Biennial Skills evaluation is NOT required for certification renewal if the CHA/P has completed any of the following in the two years prior to applying for Certification Renewal:

  • Completion of a Basic Training Session (Training Center AND Field Training Requirements)
  • A Re-entry evaluation
  • A preceptorship

Attach Re-Entry Evaluation if the applicant has not worked in direct patient care with a minimum of 80 hours and a minimum of 30 patients in the six months prior to the submission of this application.