Community Health Aide/Practitioner-Certification Board Application Documents

Application for initial, renewal and change in level (upgrade or downgrade) in certification. When applying for renewal of certification or if the last training component was two years prior, attached CHAPCB CHAP Continuing Education Log.

Attach the CHA/P continuing education log for renewal of certification or if your last training completed was two years prior.

RE: Important Notice for CHAP Program Supervisors Regarding Standard Changes to CHAPCB Standards and Procedures Section 2.50.200(a)(4) Requirements for Renewal.

Re-Entry and Biennial Skills
The Community Health Aide Program Certification Board believes that clinical competency is vital to providing high quality healthcare in remote Alaska.  Periodically, the Board reviews CHAPCB Standards & Procedures to ensure that they align with the goals and best practices of the program.  Recently, the CHAPCB determined, after extensive consideration of Community Health Aide Program stakeholder input from the CHAP Academic Review Committee, CHAP Training Center Coordinators, and Alaska Association of CHAP Directors, that a change was needed to CHAPCB Section 2.50.200 to ensure that all Community Health Aides, regardless of certification level, complete a standardized biennial competency evaluation.
For notification letter and information about Re-Entry and Biennial Skills: read the documents on the Skills Lists page in the Community Health Aide Resources tab.