Dental Health Aide About

DHAT students learning how to perform a dental exam on each other.

Alaska’s Tribal Health System educates and employ’s two levels of Dental Health Aides. Primary Dental Health Aides (PDHA’s) provide patient education and preventative services such a fluoride and oral hygiene education. They can also be trained to take x-rays and place sealants. PDHA’s receive training and certification from the Alaska Community Health Aide Program. Dental Health Aide Therapists receive two years of education through the Alaska Dental Therapy Educational Program in collaboration with Ilisagvik College. Also known as DHATs, they are required to apply for and maintain current certification through the Community Health Aide Certification Board. A DHAT’s role as a provider is to provide preventative services to the communities they service. In addition, a DHAT can provide dental care including: fillings, sealants, fluoride and extractions. DHAT’s have the option of earning their Associate of Applied Science in Dental Therapy if they chose to do so during the two year program.