Expanded Function Dental Health Aide EFDHA

Primary Dental Health Aides provide patient education and preventative services such a fluoride and oral hygiene education. They can also be trained to be a dental assistant, take radiographs, provide cleanings, complete atraumatic restorative treatment and place sealants. Expanded Function Dental Health Aides can be educated to either place restorations or provide cleanings.

Expanded Function Dental Health Aide Certification

All Dental Health Aides earn certification from the Alaska Community Health Aide Program Certification Board.

Preceptorship Checklist

Recertification Checklist

CHAPCB Applications

The CHAPCB office receives, screens and tracks all applications for certification. The Board currently meets three times a year, meeting dates are posted on the https://akchap.org website. Formal action to approve/deny applications is during regular Board meetings.

Applications may be submitted in an electronically scanned format or by hard copy.

Submit applications by email or hardcopy to:

Email: chapcb@anthc.org

Mailing address:

Community Health Aide Program Certification Board
c/o Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
4115 Ambassador Drive, 3rd Floor
Anchorage, Alaska 99508