Community Health Aide Program eCHAM/iCHAM

The Electronic CHAM (eCHAM) can be found at

The Community Health Aide Manual (CHAM) is the document that Community Health Aides/Practitioners (CHA/P) use to provide excellent patient care. The Community Health Aide (CHA) must follow the CHAM for every visit as a part of their scope of practice. The CHAM, for years, was a large set of books, now the CHAM is exclusively electronic. The CHAM is accessed either by an internet connection or through the use of an iPad App. The web-based version is called the eCHAM, the App-based version is the iCHAM, both versions contain the same information. The CHAM is also available through a PDF document.

To request CHAM access, e-mail with the user’s Tribal Health Organization e-mail and phone number.