Office Specialist Andrea Alexie

Andrea Alexie is Athabaskan and is from Nondalton, Alaska. She lived on a small island called Puerto Rico for half her life. She speaks English, Spanish and very minimum Athabaskan. She started working for Alaska Native Medical Center back in 2007 when she moved back to Alaska and has worked her way up through different departments. Andrea earned her certification as an Administrator for medical billing and coding. She started out as a Medical File Clerk and became a Lead Medical File clerk after a couple years working in that field. She also worked as a Senior Medical Biller with Patient Finance Services but she no longer works there but continues to bill in her new position as an Office Specialist for the Dental Health Aide Therapy, which is the Alaska Dental Education Program. She’s learning how to assist with CODA Accreditation Projects and record keeping, and providing support to the DCHS Leadership Team with data collection of health aide providers statewide and background in finance.