BHA Course Catalog BHA III

Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders (12 contact hours) CHAPCB Sec. 8.20.325

Description: This 12 contact hour course will provide advanced information related to services and treatment planning with clients experiencing co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Students will learn how environmental issues such as family dynamics, social support, and identification of meaningful community roles can influence the course of behavioral health disorders. Application exercises to provide practice in developing individualized treatment plans addressing multiple clinical issues will be provided. Course type: TBD Offered: TBD

Advanced Behavioral Health Clinical Care (20 contact hours) CHAPCB Sec. 8.20.335

Description: This 20 contact hour course will provide an opportunity for students to analyze and discuss major counseling theories, specifically approaches that have value and relevance within village-based behavioral health settings and target individuals affected by multiple disorders. Students will participate in exercises to support applied use of evidence based best practice models.  Course type: TBD Offered: TBD